Although I would absolutely love to sit home and lounge around in my lingerie all day waiting for your arrival... unfortunately that's not alway my reality.


To avoid disappointment or schedule conflicts, *and to ensure I can present my best*  advanced notice is always encouraged and appreciated!

Initial Contact

In your initial contact PLEASE introduce yourself ( name age , line of work to name a few) I like to get a feel for those I am extending my hospitality to. This will also give us the chance to build some chemistry and make certain that we are compatible


The option of a quick refresh is always there for you before/after our date....I imagine I do not need to stress the importance of hygiene. 


Please be on time!  Your life is busy (as is mine) and schedules can easily bend and get away from you -- all I ask is for clear communication if our appointment needs to be adjusted - I am more than wiling to be a little flexible if my schedule allows. Unfortunately, those that do not cancel / reschedule with proper notice will not be invited to book a future date.  

Donation should be ready when you arrive and placed somewhere in  open space within my view. I  do not want the mood spoiled by having to ask for the donation nor do I enjoy being asked 'what do I owe' upon your arrival. Come prepared and we can get down to enjoying each other and keep the good vibes flowing.