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To avoid disappointment or schedule conflicts, I ask dates be set at least a week in advance.


Rest assured your privacy is of the upmost importance to me, I will be the only one viewing your identifying information.

Cancelation Policy 

Give as much notice as possible when needing to reschedule or cancel our time together. Deposits are required once a date & time is confirmed and are non-refundable. If cancelled or rescheduled with proper notice the deposit can go toward our next date.

Cancelations within 48 of our date may require an additional cancelation fee if you wish to meet with me in the future. As stated in my website I only meet with a select few people and I have very limited time to do so- cancelling on our time together without much notice really affects my livelihood.

Deposits can be sent via transfer, Bitcoin as well as cash to my P.O Box, gift cards are also acceptable at my discretion.


Everyone I meet with must go through my private screening process. I will require your first and last name as well as verifiable work ID (via company website directory with name & photo..linkedin etc.) OR government ID (drivers license / passport) 

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