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Above all else, I take great pride in presenting my authentic self in all areas of my life

What I enjoy most in this industry is forever evolving. What excites me now is building strong connections that can be enjoyed over a longer period of time. I carve out time with a select few gentlemen who themselves, also crave building a more authentic dating experience.


I Truly Am The Girl Next Door ..The Girl You Shamelessly Flirt With At The Bar, chat with at the gym, maybe admired from behind as I wait for my coffee order.. I'm definitely the confident one who managed to turn your head as I walked by.


At my core I'm warm & naturally sweet, with a personality that's primed to keep you feeling at ease exactly as you are.


....A Natural Beauty


-Ashley Xo


I encourage you to follow, or check in on my TWITTER feed [ @ashleytaylorTO ] from time to time.  Enjoy a closer look at my day to day life or simply get to know me a little more before reaching out.

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