Above all else, I take great pride in presenting my authentic self in all areas of my life.



As my guest, you will never be left wondering if our interaction was anything less than a genuine one.  That being said, I understand that I won't be able to connect with everyone I meet -- and thats okay! (although I do my best)

 Those that do create a connection with me, rest assured that the feeling is mutual and I appreciate YOU and the time we continue to spend together.



For those I have yet to meet - deep respect, kindness, emotional maturity, generosity, and realness really go a long way with me.

I encourage everyone to follow, or check in on my TWITTER feed [ @ashleytaylorTO ] from time to time. Established clients can enjoy a closer look at my daily life, and others will get to know me a little more before reaching out. You will also be able to view more photos & video only posted to social media !